Sarah Palin, former Alaska Governor and VP nominee has signed a deal to star in her own daytime court series. The deal as confirmed by the Hollywood Reporter, is between Sarah Palin and Big Ticket Entertainment who is credited with shows like Judge Judy and Judge Joe Brown. This is the best, worst thing to happen to America since Keeping up with the Kardashians was first aired on TV. Employment  daytime TV viewers around the country will love this.

Governor Palin, known for her brilliant wisdom and knowledge of foreign affairs is set to judge the poor folks who find themselves in impossible disputes. It takes the wisdom of Solomon and ruthlessness of Donald Trump to rule the bench of municipal small claims court, making Sarah Palin a perfect fit for this type of show.

Most judges have years of legal experience representing companies and criminals before they ever consider judgeship. Sarah Palin holds a bachelor’s degree in communications from the University of Idaho and has never attended law school. Trivial things like a law degree or qualifications have never stopped this maverick from great achievements. Legal experts around the country will study her rulings with curious fascination as law books will be thrown out the window and replaced by American justice. Property rights, divorce law, and custody battles will find a new legal frontier as Judge Palin rules strictly by her knowledge of the Constitution.

A Judge Palin daytime reality TV courtroom drama could be Donald Trump YUGE. Sarah’s larger than life personality, folksy dialog, and winning personality could make her the queen of daytime TV.

What would it be like to be on Judge Palin? Imagine if you lived in your parents basement and your unemployed girlfriend accidently ran over your mother’s favorite cat. Your mother takes you to court for you and your girlfriend to pay damages for emotional distress and inflated pet burial costs. How would Judge Palin rule? That cat would be stuffed and hung on a wall as a dreadful reminder of your sins and you would both be required to get jobs to pay damages for the rest of your lives.

What else could you expect from Judge Palin? There may be real shotgun weddings, verdicts that require hunting of live animals, and leniency on paternity tests. Waterboarding and Dueling with pistols might make their debut on daytime television.

This might just be the greatest thing to happen to American media since Donald Trump announced his candidacy for President.