Carly Cruz Indiana ticket

Presidential hopeful Ted Cruz announced today that he wants to run with Carly Fiorina if he gets the GOP nomination. Cruz announced Carly as his VP pick today in Indiana as part of his effort to slow Donald Trump’s momentum.

Who is Carly Fiorina?

Carly Fiorina has an excellent education. She graduated from Stanford University and holds a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Maryland as well as a Masters of Science from the MIT Sloan School of Management.

Carly worked her way up from a management trainee at AT&T to becoming the first female senior vice president, eventually heading up the North American operations. She later helped lead Lucent Technologies and later became the first female CEO of Hewlett Packard (HP).

She led one of the largest technology and computer manufacturing companies in the world during an economic downturn. Her storied career included overseeing the $25 billion merger of HP / Compaq in the wake of the September 11 terror attacks and massive tech bubble burst. Numerous layoffs and tough choices helped save the giant tech company under her leadership.

Shortly after 9/11, the director of the NSA reached out to the tough HP CEO to provide servers to the agency. Her work with the National Security Agency helped produce the technology used in surveillance of foreign threats and anti-terrorism operations.

In 2003 Forbes named Fiorina as the most powerful woman in business, a position she held for five years. She made the Time 100 list and Forbes 100 most Powerful Women list in 2005.

Carly Fiorina has served in leadership roles in multiple nonprofit and philanthropic organizations.

Her political career includes service on the Defense Business Board and chairing the CIA’s External Advisory Board. Fiorina served as a RNC fundraising chair and assisted Arizona Senator John McCain with his presidential bid in 2008.

Carly Fiorina ran a bold campaign against the California Senator Barbara Boxer. She lost to the popular liberal Senator in the Democrat stronghold. Her campaign struggled as she fought a breast cancer diagnoses while running a multi-million dollar campaign in one of the nation’s largest states.

In 2015 Carly Fiorina announced her candidacy for President in the republican primary race. She suspended her campaign after numerous successful debate performances that failed to gain the necessary support to win in Iowa and New Hampshire.

The Cruz campaign sent out this message today about Carly Fiorina:

It’s my honor and privilege to introduce you to Carly Fiorina – the next Vice President of the United States.

Carly is a Leader: a leader who understands that power never has and never will come from the government – it comes from the people. A leader who knows the principles of the Declaration and the Constitution because she has lived them – a life dedicated to the dignity of work, of our right to pursue our wildest aspirations – and to help others do the same.

Carly is a Fighter: a fighter who terrifies Hillary, and she will do the same to our enemies. Carly will fight for the American people with an unbreakable purpose of protecting every one of their rights and ensuring we hand our children and grandchildren a better America than the one before us today.

Carly has a record of Accomplishment: a record of both personal and professional accomplishment, Carly was the first woman to lead a Fortune 50 business, and she did it during the worst technology recession in 25 years. Carly saved 80,000 jobs and grew the company to 160,000 jobs.

Carly endorsed the Cruz campaign and has traveled with him to fight against Donald Trump’s insurgent campaign.

Uphill Fight Against Trump

Ted Cruz is desperate to change his losing narrative. Cruz used the Fiorina announcement to help build a firewall in Indiana. A loss in that state would almost guarantee a Trump nomination at the GOP convention in Cleveland.

Fiorina hails from the establishment wing of the Republican party. This signals a willingness by Cruz to pander to the voters he scorned when he pushed the more qualified Marco Rubio out of the race.

Donald Trump has 954 delegates and only needs 283 more to clinch the nomination. Cruz needs 104% of the remaining delegates to hit the 1,237 number he needs to win, an impossible feat. Cruz and Kasich have formed a shaky alliance to deny Trump the delegates he needs to win the nomination outright, hoping to force a convention battle. If Trump wins Indiana and California, Gov. Kasich and Sen. Cruz will have accept him as the GOP nominee.

Donald Trump has not yet named his running mate. He has mention that he would consider Marco Rubio, Scott Walker, and John Kasich as potential Vice President picks.