Democrats Blame Putin Russians

Democrats are very upset that Donald Trump is the President of the United States. After all, it was supposed to be Hillary Clinton’s turn and every effort is being made to undermine his win. As part of their planned resistance to Trump, Democrats are crying foul over Russian interference in the Presidential race. The Russian narrative continues to be headline news as the left is desperately trying to convince American voters that it was not Hillary’s fault that she lost. To this end they took one scalp, Gen. Michael Flynn and are attempting to collect another from Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Their dangerous game is starting to expose their own Russian connection.

The Russian Connection

During the 2016 race, Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta’s emails were compromised. His lax security and the party’s inept ability to catch a basic fishing scheme led to his emails being handed over to WikiLeaks. The emails exposed the collusion between the press, DNC, and the Clinton campaign. They also shed light on some very negative aspects of her campaign communications. This breach of John Podesta’s email was the extent of the Russian “hacking”. Yet the narrative of “the Russians hacked the election” continues to play out on

Yet the narrative of “the Russians hacked the election” continues to play out on CNN, Washington Post, and NY Times as if Putin’s cyber warfare team broke into states’ election systems and altered votes. The only evidence of anyone attempting to do that was that of the Department of Homeland Security performing unauthorized penetration tests on numerous state election systems after the election as a way to prove the false narrative.

Democrats do not like to be fact-checked, however, telling America that Russia hacked the election is false, fake news, alternative facts, or whatever you want to call it. It simply is not true.

The next phase in the Democrats plan to connect Trump to this so-called hacking is link his campaign advisors to Russian contacts. Yes, Michael Flynn spoke with the Russian ambassador. As did Jeff Sessions. So what?

Guess who else was contacted by the Russians; Senator Claire McCaskill met with the Russians on multiple occasions, and Hillary Clinton’s own campaign had contact with the Russians.

Why Would Russia Get Involved in the Election?

Russian took over Crimea and mounted a proxy invasion of the Ukraine under Obama’s watch. While his administration oversaw one of the worst intelligence gaps in modern history, his reaction to the Russian aggression was to apply sanctions. These sanctions have hurt the Russian economy and they are eager to get them removed. Hence the contact to both presidential campaigns to take the temperature of the incoming President and see if there would be an opening to recover.

If you listen to Clinton’s supporters, they will tell you that the Russians did everything they could to support Donald Trump and help him win, citing this as a primary reason for their loss. Forget the fact that their party put up one of the most untrustworthy and disliked candidates in recent history, they want everyone to believe that the Trump team worked with the Russians to rig the election. Here is the problem with that theory, the timing is wrong. John Podesta’s email was compromised long before Trump ever won the Republican nomination. How could they possibly know what the American public and media saw as a huge surprise when he actually won the nomination. Clinton, however, was expected to win her party nomination and everyone assumed she would win the general election. So either the Russians have better intelligence than every political expert in America or, they were never trying to help Trump.

Putin, The Democrat’s Boogeyman

Vladimir Putin had a grudge against Hillary Clinton. During her time as Secretary of State under the Obama administration, she supported protesters who sought to undermine his Presidential election. Her department’s efforts to interfere with a sovereign nation’s electoral process might seem a little hypocritical now if any of the media bothered to report about it in 2016. Of course, Putin would be angry with Clinton and hold a grudge. She used her department resources to try and hurt his chances of getting elected. Hacking her campaign chairmen’s email might seem like a little bit of revenge after the poorly executed attempts to sway his election.

Democrat Hypocrisy

The Democrats are angry and lashing out any way they can. They lost over 1,000 local state house seats, continued to lose control of the House and Senate, and lost the presidency. They want to blame the Russians for their failed policies. It is way better than having to admit to their base that they are a dying party with a failed message.