Obama Intelligence Report ISIS

House Armed Services Committee is Investigating Misrepresented ISIS Report

President Obama once referred to ISIS as the JV team. Usually, the JV team consists of second-tier athletes that are not quite ready for the varsity level. Therefore, according to the President of the United States, terrorists that kill innocent Americans belong in tier groups based on the level of threat they pose to the U.S., although the threats are obvious and imminent. Essentially, the President believes that radical Islamists are just pesky little insects that you swat away, that is until they massacre scores of innocent people, including the most precious asset of all, American lives.

Today, President Obama’s plan of attack to destroy ISIS is to bomb crude oil collection points and oil refineries in an effort to cripple the radical Islamist groups’ finances. However, an assessment conducted by Centcom earlier in the year suggested that the airstrikes had little to no effect on the group’s finances and their ability to fund terrorist activities. This report never left Centcom’s circles, according to unconfirmed reports. Several reports also indicate that a top U.S. general pressured several of his analysts covering al Qaeda and ISIS to significantly reduce the real threat from the two terrorist organizations.

Members of the House Armed Services Committee are part of a task force that will release a report stating that analysts at Centcom were pressured to downplay the threat from ISIS, according to the Daily Beast. The report is part of a 5-month investigation conducted by the task force to see if any intelligence reports were misrepresented.

According to the Daily Beast, the report does not provide concrete evidence that senior White House officials ordered the misrepresentation of the intelligence. However, there are some reports that altered information reached the President’s daily briefing. Whether or not the President’s intelligence team ordered the misrepresentation of the threat by ISIS remains to be seen, but all indications point toward cooked reports that significantly reduced the actual threat on the ground.

President Obama’s narrative must be that the U.S. is winning the war against ISIS, even when intelligence reports completely contradict his narrative to Americans and its allies. It is certainly not in the best interests of the President and his image to admit that he was completely wrong about the ISIS threat and he severely underestimated the reach of the terrorist organization. Especially not in this late stage of the game, that is his term as President of the United States. It is pretty evident that the President does not want to stand before the American people and the families of veterans who lost loved ones and admit that his prolonged underestimation of ISIS cost the U.S. many precious lives.

Bipartisan Reaction

Republicans and Democrats alike who agree that ISIS intelligence reports were cooked will never see anyone from the Obama administration admit they fed the American people false information on the war against ISIS. Instead, President Obama and his team need to spend more time concentrating on his legacy as President. After all, he needs to reshape his image as the man who gave the American people higher taxes, a failed universal healthcare system and trillions of dollars tacked on to the debt.

One thing is for sure, when strong job reports roll out or economic indicators suggest some financial stability, the President has no trouble attaching his name to the reports. One of the reasons why Donald Trump won the Republican nomination is most Americans are sick and tired of the lack of transparency among politicians. The cycle of cardboard cutouts promising the same thing over and over again with no possibility of delivering on those promises is finally starting to wear very thin with the American people.