Police brutality is something of a gray area in legal terms, which sees many citizens struggling to make a decision about what to classify as police brutality. According to The Huffington Post, many citizens’ groups point to incidents such as the beating of Rodney King in Los Angeles in 1991 as a true case of police brutality. In a media and Internet-driven society, each citizen should now make sure they understand the problem of police brutality against all members of a community.


Learn About The System In Your Area

Every state, city, and region has its own rules on how a potential case of police brutality should be reviewed, and generally publish details of this process on the Internet. Whether looking at an incident taking place during a riot, traffic stop, or a case of wrongful death in jail, a police officer will be subject to some form of oversight. The problem many community groups have identified is the use of police officials and unions to review incidents, which has resulted in many social justice groups claiming bias is present in most police-led investigations.

Campaign For Greater Levels Of Transparency And Support

No matter what form police brutality takes, it is often linked to race, and can see many police officers accused of using excessive force during an arrest or causing a wrongful death in jail. Campaigners should first educate themselves about the regulations regarding police brutality and write to members of local, state, and national government representing their area calling for independent review bodies to be established to investigate every report of police brutality. These campaigns can also include voting for candidates backing police brutality reform when elections take place in your area.

Know Your Rights

The rise of smartphones equipped with cameras has resulted in many cases of police brutality being recorded through the work of bystanders using cell phone technology to record incidents involving the police. Know the specific rights of bystanders in any area to record encounters with the police which would normally go unreported. Activism groups can also be backed in many different ways, through financial donations and through public support for maintaining the rights of the individual to record incidents involving the police.


Make sure incidents of police brutality do not go unreported. Fighting for the rights of all people to live and work in a transparent community is one of the most important ways every citizen can affect the future.