Sen. Kelly Ayotte New Hampshire

Kelly Ayotte is ready to go to Washington D.C. again to defend the rights of all residents of New Hampshire. Having served one successful term in the US Senate already, she intends to take the valuable experience gained over the last six years as counsel for the majority leader and as a key member of the Senate Armed Services Committee and serve her constituency even more effectively.

Who Is New Hampshire Sen. Kelly Ayotte?

A New Hampshire native, Kelly Ayotte has served as a republican politician in various roles for the people of her state. After graduating from the Villanova Law School, she worked as a law clerk for the New Hampshire Supreme court, eventually moving into private practice with some stints as a prosecutor and legal counsel.

Her first political work began when she was appointed Deputy Attorney General of New Hampshire. In June 2004, the governor promoted her to serve as the first female Attorney General of the state after the resignation of Peter Heed. She served in that post until 2009, earning reappointment twice.

In 2010, Kelly won the Republican primary and scored an overwhelming victory in the general election to take her seat in the US Senate. Serving as junior Senator from New Hampshire. Since beginning her term in January 2011, she has served on the Armed Services Committee, the Budget Committee and the Committee on Homeland Security among others. She was also named counsel to Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Her candidacy was endorsed by a broad spectrum of Republican politicians, including Mitt Romney, John McCain and Rick Santorum.

What Is at Stake with Her Candidacy?

Every election is important but there are a number of crucial matters at stake this time around. You only have to look at Kelly Ayotte’s accomplishments during her tenure as Senator to see how she intends to represent the interests of New Hampshire and all Americans.

With other Republicans, she fought to pass two bills that kept Guantanamo Bay open and prevented the prisoners from being released back to their countries of origin where they would pose new threats to American security.

Most important this time around, though, is Kelly Ayotte’s strong stance in defense of 2nd Amendment rights. Her opponent is Maggie Hassan, the sitting governor of New Hampshire who recently vetoed a bill passed by the state legislature to support the concealed carry option for law-abiding citizens.

Gov. Maggie Hassan

Maggie Hassan is a democrat who won election as governor of New Hampshire in 2012. Since her inauguration as top executive in the state, Hassan has raised taxes and vetoed a bill that would have made it easier for citizens to acquire concealed carry permits.

As for her goals, Hassan has openly stated that climate change will be one of her priorities if she is elected Senator.

Send Kelly Ayotte Back to Washington

New Hampshire needs someone in the Senate who will represent their concerns while working to defend the rights of all Americans. Kelly Ayotte is just the person to do that and the citizens of New Hampshire should re-elect her to a second term in the Senate this November.