Sean Spicer Trump National Guard deportation memo

Today’s headlines stoked the fears every progressive news outlet was waiting for. Mass deportations by President Trump carried out by the National Guard. This is all the proof they need to demonstrate how right they were about Trump being an anti-immigrant racist. The story is perfect for their narrative, thousand of National Guard troops would be called upon to round up and deport millions of defenseless undocumented Americans, breaking up families and destroying the migrant workforce. This is exactly what Hillary warned us about this story is just too perfect for the progressive resistance.

Sean Spicer, the White House press secretary has said that this story is “100% false” and Trump’s communication teams is denying the validity of this story.

So which is it? Is Trump going to mobilize the troops and round up immigrants and give the opposition all the ammunition they will ever need to rally protesters in the streets and call for his impeachment? Or is this something else entirely?

The White House team has been plagued with leaks that have already taken down Trump’s National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn. The leaks provided details of private calls between Trump’s former advisor and the Russian ambassador during the transition. While the call itself and the content of the conversation were legal, the implications and dishonest approach were too much. The bigger problem here is that the few people who had this high-level access to very sensitive data broke the law and released these details to the press in an unprecedented breach of national security.

Holdovers from the Obama administration, some of whom were seen crying in the Rose Garden shortly after Hillary’s loss, may be responsible for orchestrating an inside job to undermine President Trump. Their allies inside the government may have been responsible for the release of strange details about how Trump watches TV and rumors of internal staff turmoil. These leaks have steadily streamed into the press as a way to erode the public support of our President.

The leaks are a serious problem for the White Hosue. They must do something to plug the leaks or the 2018 midterm elections will be a coup for the democratic party.

This memo seems too good to be true. If the Trump team were clever, which they very well may be, this whole thing could be an elaborate trap to catch the White House leakers.  The memo, if it exists, could have been created and embedded with a tracking code designed to monitor its distribution. A juicy memo that validates the progressive resistance’s agenda would be too tempting for a leaker to pass on and while sharing this memo with the press, they may have unknowingly given up their identity.

If this is the true motivation behind the National Guard immigration roundup memo news, then kudos to the Trump team. This is a brilliant way to catch the people who purposefully do harm to our nation in their selfish attempt to take down the President. Time will tell if the perpetrators of the leaks are caught and if this was a clever trap set by the administration to stop those meddling leakers.