A kitchen remodeling project can be exciting, with each day’s work bringing you closer to the kitchen of your dreams. However, the renovation process might reveal some pests that you’ll want to eradicate before finishing off your new cooking space. Keeping an eye out for these 3 pests can help you nip any growing problems and prepare you to enjoy your new kitchen worry-free!


Spiders tend to lurk in dark corners and crevices behind your kitchen cabinets where you don’t even see them. Be aware that while removing cabinets and appliances, you might uncover spiders you didn’t even know were there! There are a number of sprays formulated to kill or repel spiders, which might be your first choice if you can’t stand the thought of trapping and releasing them. You can also vacuum up spiders and dispose of their egg sacs to prevent a new generation from taking hold. Follow up with repellent sprays around all the crevices of your new cabinets to keep them from coming back.


Ants are commonly found in kitchens because of all the food particles and crumbs that get dropped. Sugar is especially tricky to clean up since it often sticks in small corners where you can’t sweep it away, and ants love it. When you replace things like cabinets, you might find missed food spots or even trails of ants making off with the crumbs. Depending on where you live, there’ll be different types of ants you’ll need to get rid of to make your home pest free after your remodeling project. However, there are a few tricks that usually work across the board, such as vinegar solutions or deterrent sprays made with dish soap. The best way to get rid of any type of ant long-term is to seal off their point of entry and deal with the nest.


The cockroach is another pest that’s notorious for its tendency to gravitate towards dropped food. German cockroaches, in particular, are a source of dread for many homeowners, making their way in and then quickly multiplying out of control. If you find signs of roaches during your kitchen remodel, take action immediately with either commercial toxins or professional extermination.

Remodeling your kitchen is a great opportunity to look out for any signs of pests that you’d like to eradicate. Be careful while removing any cabinetry or large appliances, since you might uncover hidden spiders. Additionally, keep an eye out for trails of ants that might lead you back to a nest and look for any signs of pesky cockroaches.