Heavy vehicles, leaky fluids, extreme temperatures and simple age can all take a heavy toll on a driveway, causing it to crack and become uneven. This causes the driveway to become unsightly, makes it hard to use, and can even present a danger to your vehicles. Though it is possible to DYI some of these projects, it is usually recommended to have a professional installation to prevent any issues.

Add an Overlay

One popular method to fixing cracked or uneven driveways is to use an overlay. Essentially, instead of tearing up and replacing the entire driveway, you add a new layer of concrete or asphalt on top. This method is generally less expensive than alternatives and provides the look and use of a new driveway without as much hassle. However, improper installation can quickly lead to the same cracks reappearing and causing the same issues. Additionally, if the foundation to the driveway has eroded, a resurface will not solve that issue and buckling can occur.


Mudjacking is a great solution for a buckled, sunken or uneven driveway. Mudjacking involves inserting concrete grout underneath the surface to fill gaps and make the surface even again. This will even out your driveway and provide a long lasting and stable foundation for your concrete to rest upon. In turn, you can then have greater success with smaller repairs like resurfacing, blacktopping or even just crack filling as needed. It is a much cheaper alternative to a whole driveway replacement and can also be specifically targeted to problem areas. As a further bonus, the mudjacking process is fast, and you will likely be able to use the driveway that same day.

Polyurethane Foam

An alternative to mudjacking that still works along similar lines is to use a polyurethane foam injection. Though this is normally a higher cost than mudjacking, the nature of the environmentally safe foam allows it to more completely fill any voids beneath your driveway and lift up the existing concrete. Because the fill is more complete and the foam mixes with the soil, the foam fix is sturdier and will last longer than a mudjacking fix. As a further bonus, the drill holes for a foam injection are smaller and easier to fill than those from mudjacking.

A clean and smooth driveway is both an eye pleasing part of your home and a more functional surface. If the cost of a whole driveway replacement is not something you wish to explore, these alternatives can give you similar results for less cost. In the end, you will have an even surface ready for whatever you need.