When it comes to home repairs, finding out about any issues can be a very difficult thing to do. When the issues are found, it is often too late. This is especially true for home roofs. Now that the summer has gone by homeowners all across the country will begin to deal with heavy rains and snow for the remainder of the year. Being proactive to protect your roof is in the best interest of any homeowner. Therefore, we’ve compiled some of the best ways you can tell if your roof needs fixing.

Wall Discoloration

Often the most obvious signs that you have a leaky roof is the discoloration of your walls. On a white painted wall, the color you’re most likely to notice is a dark brown. However, this can be tricky to diagnose as the source of your leak because it may have just spilled in that area but not have originated there. This is why most people tend to simply paint over these areas, but the ideal thing to do is consult a professional about it. There is no point in attempting to paint over it if the issue will keep happening. The source of the leak must be located in order to prevent this from happening again.

Leaking Water

Most leaks are not as dramatic as movies or television portray them to be, well not at so much at first. Leaking water from your roof is a clear sign that there is a more serious issue within. However, due to the small amount of water you might not be able to even tell where it’s coming from. There are a variety of things you can do to find the origin of the issue without having to stand and wait. According to BW Construction, you can use a hose to spray the roof and find leaking spots by staging people inside to look for running water. This can easily pin-point the location of the leak as well as expose any cracks or other openings on your roof.

Deteriorating Roof

One of the easiest ways that you can tell that your roof needs to be fixed is to simply observe the condition of your roof. A roof with a leak will certainly affect its surrounding areas. This includes shingles, chimneys, vents, pipes if these appear deformed in any way, you might have yourself a leaky roof. According to Architecture Lab, the average lifespan of shingles is 15 years, so you may want to take a close look at them if it has been more than a decade since they were replaced.

Roof repair can be a very costly expense for any homeowner. Therefore, being proactive to protect it from any issues is in your best interest. Simply adhere to the list above to begin determining if your roof is in good condition or if it needs fixing.

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