Painting your kitchen will require some serious decisions. For example, your kitchen is exposed to high levels of moisture and airborne grease, so you’ll need to choose the right kind of paint for this environment. In addition, your kitchen requires more thorough cleaning than other areas of your home. Here are some considerations to keep in mind when planning your kitchen painting project.

Kind of Paint

The paint that you put on your kitchen walls needs to be moisture resistant and easy to wash. Any paint you put on your cabinets needs to have excellent cling in order to make sure it lays flat as it’s applied on all cabinet surfaces. Kitchen paint should also be easy to wash. You can get a great finish on your cabinet paint by using a small foam roller. In addition, your kitchen paint should have a similar sheen to the rest of your home, especially if your kitchen is open to the main body of the home.


Your kitchen needs great light, so it’s important not to go too dark, especially if your cabinets have a dark stain. When moving from the kitchen to the rest of your house, you also want great flow, so work to make color connections between the kitchen and the rest of your home. If you’re painting the cabinets, pick a color that matches or coordinates well with the trim throughout to match your house. Generally speaking, white is the most popular color, because it matches just about any color scheme you may choose. However, if your house trim is a warm white with a yellow base or a cool white with a blue base, be ready to incorporate those colors into the space.

Check the Countertops

Consider the tone of your kitchen counters when choosing your wall and cabinet paint colors. If you have granite, the underlying tone is probably warm. There may be brown tones in the countertops, and most browns have a yellow base. However, if any stone in your kitchen is marble or faux marble, it probably has a blue base. Most marble tones, even the grays, are cool. A warm countertop paired with cool cabinets and wall colors will appear more yellow than it is and may even appear dingy, while a cool marble backsplash paired with a warm white cabinet paint will appear to be under the light of a bright fluorescent bulb. Consider picking up some small square blocks of thin plywood from the hardware store and painting large samples to place against your cabinets and countertops to make sure you’re applying a color you’ll love.

Painting your kitchen can be wonderfully rewarding. You’ll have to move a lot of things, so you may be able to downsize a bit and free up some room. Even better, your newly painted kitchen will increase flow to the rest of the house and present a more enjoyable space to work.