Security is one of the essential elements that you must value and consider when constructing your house or home. In the absence of protection, other aspects of personal lifestyle can grind to a halt or even be adversely affected. When seeking to implement security measures in the course of the construction of your home, you must answer a critical question; do I need a home security system? It is highly definite that the answer to this question would be that you would be certainly in need of a home security system to protect yourself from security concerns such as burglary, riots, and mass attacks such as nuclear weaponry attacks.

Why you need home-based security systems

The primary reason as to why you are certainly in need of home security systems is the fact that threats to your homes have been on an exponential rise in the recent past, and would be expected to maintain a rising trend into the future. According to crime reports by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), for instance, the US saw an approximate 8.9 million property-related crimes in the year 2012. Of these, 23% were crimes directly associated with burglary. The considerably high rates of property crime in the country that year incurred a massive loss of over $15 billion in properties.

These revealing facts point towards a startling reality, that property crimes in our time are uncontrollably high and costly. When it comes to property crime, there is no better way to resolve than implementing preventive and deterrence measures that would keep burglars and other petty thieves out of your property.

Research conducted on the issue of crime deterrence has corroborated this argument as it has been proven that 31% of burglaries would be prevented if criminals and thieves come across some form of a security system installed on homes. The need for security systems in your home can therefore not be stressed enough as the statistics speak volumes.

What type of home security systems do you need?

When we think about the security measures that would help tame or prevent burglary, it is easy to think of complicated security systems that are far too costly and assume the smaller security initiatives that are needed to secure our homes.

Impact-resistant roof

Your home shelters you and your loved ones from the elements, and your roof plays an important role in maintaining the stability of your house. Take a look at your roof. If you notice shingles missing or other damage, then now is the time to make necessary repairs. Asphalt shingles are a long-lasting, durable roofing material that can withstand whatever the weather throws your way. Roofing companies can inspect your roof for damage and perform necessary repairs. If you want to secure your home, then make sure your roof is doing a good job of protecting you.

Protective fences

One of the most suitable security initiatives that would offer the first line of defense when it comes to defending your home against burglary crime is the use of security fences or walls around your property. Security fences that encircle you home would be an excellent avenue to control who legally goes in and out of your home. Anyone who seeks to enter your fenced home in unconventional ways such as forcing their way into the door or scaling the walls would be a determined thief. The fenced home reduces the prospects of burglars easily making their way into your house.

Burglary proof safes and rooms

The next line of defense that you need for your home is a secure system to protect your valuables from being stolen in the unprecedented event of a successful breach of your house. One of the ways of achieving such heightened personalized inner layer of security is constructing a special room with unique protective features such as thickened walls, doors with reinforced barriers and steel, computerized access control systems such as a combination of lock and key with additional personal identification number access system. Such measures make the access to the room quite impossible to achieve with ordinary burglary tools such as crowbars, pliers, and hacksaws that most burglars use to make a forced entry into your home.

The specialized room could also be used for the storage of valuables such as documents, money, food supplies, and other valuable items. Such a room would provide a safe harbor for you and your family in the event of a possible large-scale attack where one is overpowered by a group of burglars. It would also house you in the event of a violent, uncontrollable riot in your neighborhood.

Bomb shelter

Nothing prepares us for unprecedented events as the unpredictable nature of our modern-day political systems. The risen risk of terrorism should be scary enough to show you the need for the construction of bomb shelters that would offer a safe harbor for you and your family. Such shelters would be useful in times of war or a mass attack with nuclear weapons which result in devastation. In such cases, the ordinary security systems such as security fence or walls, steel bar-reinforced doors would not be a match for the devastation of bombs. Hiding in the house would therefore not be an option.

This reinforces the need for an advanced security system such as a banker or a bomb shelter. It would be best to have such a shelter constructed in isolation from your house and underground. Constructing it beside your home would ensure that the rubble of your bomb-devastated house does not pile over you to risk your life. Positioning the shelter underground also makes it less noticeable. The shelter would offer your protection and well as housing medical, water, and food supplies to keep you alive for weeks.

Detection systems

With the implementation of security mechanisms to prevent forced entry into your home, you would be safer. You should, however, take a step further by installing additional security mechanisms which give you an edge over burglars. Detection and sensory security initiatives such as security cameras would ensure that you are warned of impending danger while others such as motion sensors advise you of a potential breach of your primary security initiatives such as broken doors. Some advanced cameras such as remotely controlled cameras, night sensory cameras and cameras with Wi-Fi connectivity gives you significant advantages over the enemy by ensuring you can see him before he sees you.

Pest Protection

While most people generally don’t think of pest protection when they think of home security, it’s certainly an important part of keeping your home a secure, pleasant place to live. After all, who likes living with bats, spiders, and mice? Some precautions you can take include trimming tree branches away from your home, re-sealing doors and windows, installing door sweeps, using standing seam roof ridge vents, and repairing any holes in your screens — or installing them where you don’t have them. The fun thing about pest-proofing your home is that aside from preventing the entry of unwanted critters, these measures also usually make your home more energy-efficient, resulting in lower utility bills.


When preparing a well-secured home, you need to think from the basics and build your security up. Starting with the essential initiatives such as a perimeter fence prevents you from petty criminals who seek to infiltrate your compound. Implementing advanced security systems such as burglar proof rooms, bomb shelters, and advanced security cameras ensures your safety in the event of adverse advanced security issues. If you need more help check out our guide to securing your home while traveling.