Getting your house ready to sell may require renovation, but where do you put your money and time for the best return? If you’re focused on getting a new house, you want to save as much as possible to put into the new house. Which projects should you focus on?

What’s in Demand?

Currently, minimalism is at the front of many people’s minds. Television shows that focus on helping people to get rid of things they don’t love has led to a great need to declutter. The first step you should take before you renovate, is to turn your home into a blank slate. Clean until the space is spotless. Take personal photos off the wall, patch all the holes, and paint. Make sure that your light fixtures match or are generally unobtrusive.

Appeal to the General Public

You want to make sure that anyone visiting your home can see themselves easily moving into it and living there. Thus, you will have to make sure your home isn’t too personalized and that it can serve as a calm, clean background for the belongings of the new owner. According to Real Estate Elevated, the perfect renovations balance trendiness, universal appeal, and affordability. Keep things logical and stay within the style of the structure. If you must have something on the walls, think about putting up mirrors or clocks to maintain some form of décor without personalizing the space.

Stay Within Local Price Ranges

If you’re thinking of renovating the kitchen or adding a bathroom, be sure to check the value of your home as it’s currently listed versus other homes in the neighborhood. For the sake of round numbers, let’s say your home is worth $100,000. You’ve been to open houses in the neighborhood, and you’d like to update a bathroom or change out your kitchen cabinets to make your home the go-to spot for buyers. Experts recommend spending no more than 2% of your home’s value on a renovation, so you’re looking at $2,000 for the whole renovation. Rather than trying to get a tear-out and new build installed, consider making some changes that you can do yourself. Covering tile and tub colors that are hopelessly out of style with tile paint or a refinished surface will brighten the space and protect your renovation budget. Your first step in sale prep has to be to clean and declutter. Consider renting a storage unit so you can reduce compaction in closets, attics and basements. Focus on a light, unobtrusive color pallet if you choose to paint. Make your home look like a model home so that your potential buyers can see the space as theirs.