One of the most important parts of protecting your business and data is to utilize cybersecurity to thwart potential attackers. In today’s hyperconnected world, having the right cybersecurity is absolutely vital if you want to prevent attacks. If you’re serious about ensuring your company’s well-being and you wish to continue to functioning without loss or interruption, here are a few important facts to know about cybersecurity. This information will help you protect your enterprise from data breaches or phishing emails.

Using the Cloud Doesn’t Mean You’re Safe

Many companies make the mistake of assuming that all of their data and information is safe because it’s stored in the cloud. Unfortunately, the information is still at risk because end users can access the data from a mobile device or desktop while on a public network. It’s crucial to extend security boundaries to include cloud resources. This will ensure that all of the company assets are properly monitored and secured.

Your Success as a Business Depends on It

In part, the success of a business is dependent upon its cybersecurity. Companies that don’t make cybersecurity a priority can end up failing or encountering serious issues. Many enterprises store the personal information of their customers, which increases the risk of a breach of privacy. If you allow your customers’ information to be accessed, it can lead to a significant loss in revenue as they stop using your goods or services. According to the Edelmann Privacy Risk Index, 71% of customers said they would take their business elsewhere in the event of a cybersecurity breach. Begin by making cybersecurity a top priority and informing your customers of your security policies.

Most Cyber Threats Can Be Prevented

There are many different reports on companies that have been successfully attacked by hackers and lost significant amounts of revenue. These companies tended to not take the threats seriously enough or make them a priority. They didn’t fully understand the implications of these incursions on their organizations. In most cases, you can prevent cyber threats by establishing the right security measures. Make it a point to change your passwords regularly. Delete unused accounts, and keep your software up to date throughout the year.

Educating yourself on cybersecurity can allow you to protect your company and remain vigilant as hackers become more skilled and advanced. By utilizing the right tools and staying updated on the latest ways to protect yourself, you can continue to succeed and retain the trust of your customers.