You get home from a long, relaxing vacation. You walk up to your home, open the front door, and suddenly your relaxation turns to horror as the open door reveals broken glass, scattered papers, open drawers, and missing valuables. You vow, then and there, to install a home security system, but you want to know which features are worth your money, and which features only provide a false sense of security.


Engage the Senses

The most effective features in any home security arsenal are those which actively engage a would-be intruder, rather than passively alerting you or the authorities of an occurring break-in. This is why many say the most effective home security system is a big dog with big teeth. Beyond the ongoing expense of having a pet, however, there are plenty of automated features which can still effectively engage would-be intruders.


My Ears Are Burning

One effective, yet simple, feature is a loud siren. The louder, the better. If it can be made loud enough to actually inflict temporary pain on a criminal, they are much less likely to stick around. Not only does it surprise the thief, but if it’s loud enough, it can also alert neighbors. Especially effective sirens can also make loud announcements such as “the police are on their way,” or “your identity has been positively captured.” This small step to remove their anonymity quickly changes their mindset and brings an early end to their crime.


My Eyes Are Blinded

Another effective deterrent is to use lights to make those secret crimes a secret no longer. Many modern alarms can tie in with your home automation system to illuminate various lights in your home if a break-in is detected. Not to mention having an army of motion-sensor security lights on the exterior of your home, and any would-be criminal will have no place to hide.


Who Am I?

One of the most useful features of modern security systems is the ability to add video surveillance. Recent home security system trends make adding video surveillance easy, as the cameras themselves are wirelessly connected to recording and monitoring stations. Just plug the camera in, follow a few simple, one-time set-up steps, and you can have eyes watching every corner of your home, whether you’re there or not. The major advantage of video surveillance is that it removes all anonymity from anyone considering helping themselves to your belongings. Most thieves want nothing to do with the people in a home, just a simple smash and grab, with items that can be turned into quick cash. If they see cameras and realize that quick cash also means jail time, they’re much more likely to stop before they start.


There’s plenty of threats out there, unfortunately. However, with a few well-chosen tools, you can give yourself the best chance of not being targeted, and ensure that your post-vacation relaxation continues long after your vacation ends.