Today, most manufacturers offer a wide range of security system devices. That allows users to set up a completely customized system, optimize it and make it more and more comfortable to use. Remember, it is important to know how much it will cost if you decide to cancel a service before the end of a contract.


You may wonder, “Should I subscribe to a monitoring service?” A good home security monitoring service can tell you when things are happening in your home, such as when your kids are coming home from school. When a monitoring service has infrared technology, they can also film day or night or in premises without light.

But to use a remote monitoring service, the telephone transmitter of your alarm system must be compatible with the equipment of the monitoring center. And, even if you benefit from an alarm system, you still need to make sure that mechanical protections, such as shutters, reinforced doors and grills, are secured.

Dual-band technology

Remember, dual-band technology helps combat jamming more effectively. Indeed, it is very difficult for burglars to perform a radio jamming of the two frequency bands simultaneously.

Types of Burglar Alarms

The market is divided into a few types of burglar alarms: those equipped with a GSM transmission mode, those equipped with a PSTN telephone transmitter and mixed systems using both protocols at the same time. For example, some alarm models are already provided with a dedicated SIM card. The GSM alarm panels therefore transmit their calls on mobile phones. On the other hand, cord cutters are turning to ADT home security and wireless monitoring.

The entrances of a house are the points most exposed to the intrusion attempts. The control unit should therefore trigger warning systems if there are intrusion attempts, the most common of which is the alarm siren. When you decide to install an alarm system at home the question may arise as to whether the sound volume emitted by its sirens is effective

To be aware of the power of a siren, some comparisons can be made. Thus, the indoor sirens often emit about 100 dB while the external sirens have a slightly higher volume, around 110 dB. Needless to say, these volumes, especially when they last several minutes, are largely sufficient to hinder a burglar.

The siren alone will serve as an alarm, and it will also make it easier for police officers to find your home. It should be noted that the majority of alarms integrate a siren. But above all, and most importantly, you must evaluate the risks to choose the right alarm system for your home.