kitchen of the future - The Jetsons

Do you remember the futuristic television show “The Jetsons?” This animated sitcom hit the airwaves on September 23, 1962. Good old George, the father, worked at Spaceley’s Sprockets. He rode the conveyor belt into the dressing room where a robot dressed him, brushed his teeth, and showered him for work. He would zip into the kitchen where Jane would hit a few buttons to make him breakfast. Then, he flew in his car to work. In this make-believe world, robots did just about everything for them.

The Futuristic Kitchen

What was really surprising was the way the kitchen operated. Jane simply had to push a button and she had almost anything she needed to prepare. It was every woman’s dream to have a kitchen that simply made life easier, just like Jane’s. It’s no wonder this show was a big hit with adults as well as children.

Today, the futuristic kitchen dreams of the 1960’s have become a reality. You can watch television from the front of your refrigerator, link to WIFI, and connect your icebox to an app that will allow you to see inside while out and about. Can’t remember if you have milk? Simply look inside the refrigerator at the grocery store. You will never miss out on those things you need again. Though it seems the fridge has come a long way from the bakelite pink of the 1980’s, there are bigger things in store.

The 1950’s Kitchen Had the Next Generation in Mind

If Frigidaire, Westinghouse, General Electric, Samsung, and LG would give us a crystal ball to see into the future, it would be very surprising. Could some of the gadgets and gizmos that Jane Jetson had in her kitchen become commonplace for you? Millennials may have reverted back to the “old-school” in their methods, becoming urbanized, frugal, and environmentalist, but they still want the latest technological advances. So, what does the kitchen of 2025 look like? Experts weigh in on the future of appliances and appliance stores.

Using Reality Based Innovations To Create The Future

GE began building great appliances in the 1950’s. They revolutionized “woman’s work” for that era. They tried to create a 21st century, modern kitchen for the 1950’s woman. They were pioneers in the movement for the pop-up fridge, automatic ice dispenser, plastic plate maker, and the incredible ultrasonic dishwasher.

Their plans for the next 12 years look a little different. Their goal is to keep their engineering feet on the ground. Their concepts are coming from reality-based innovations, evaluating factors like environmental concerns and water scarcity. Here are five things to watch for in the future kitchen.

1. The Multi-Purpose Smart Room

The biggest change GE intends to make is to vanish countertop appliances. Do you remember how the alarm clock, radio, boom box, and digital camera all seemed to disappear when the smartphone was born? They envision the same shift in the kitchen. Think multi-purpose “uber-appliances.”

2. The Smart Faucet

The smart faucet is their most inventive way to get rid of many things. First, it will act as a source of fresh water as it always has. However, the new faucets will also provide ice and filtered or carbonated water. It will have soda dispensing pistols like they have at the local club. It will also have the capability to make ice on demand. Changeable cartridges that go under the sink will be able to be customized to the family’s preferences. If you want mineral water, then mineral water they shall have.

3. The Nifty Sink

Most people think of the sink as a place to wash their hands or their fruit and veggies. However, the futuristic sinks will be able to detect levels of bacteria and chemicals in your produce, and it will also be able to tell when you have washed them all away. These sinks will also be able to wash dishes on their own, as well. Think of them as a mini dishwasher. They can do a smaller load within five minutes. The top will close into a nice cutting surface that can be multi-functional.

4. Composting Garden/Disposal

Since the movement of many millennials is to compost scraps, why not have a food compactor that turns all those scraps into compost pellets? The composter will have an automatically watered herb garden that is in the back of the unit. The plants will receive all the gray water that comes from the dishwasher. Pretty clever, huh?

5. The All-In-One Refrigerator

What started out as a block of ice in a cooler type system has morphed into something fabulous. The refrigerators of today are nothing short of amazing. What does the fridge of the future look like? Well, GE is envisioning a unit called the all-in-one fridge. It will only be about 27-inches wide. Forget the freezer and cooling side, the new fridge will serve as a multi-cooling system. It will monitor the inventory in the home as well as check prices on produce with farmer’s markets and grocery stores. A fridge that can alert you to sales in the area? That is really galactical.

This unit will look nothing like they do now. It will be modular with cylindrical containers that fit nicely into drawers. Each section is heated, cooled, or frozen to your preference. Think of a general storage cupboard for all foods, where you can adjust the height and length of each cylinder. The outside will act as a computer system that keeps an inventory of what is held in each drawer. The days of standing at the fridge and searching for something to eat are over. The system will also keep track of expiration dates and quantities.

The Homemakers of Tomorrow Can Rest Easy

The sky is the limit with the “smart kitchen” of the future. It only will be a matter of time before the kitchen that you know and love will look and function nothing like it does now. You have to wonder what a woman of the 1920’s would feel if she stepped into your kitchen today. Would she know how to use the products you have, and would she be surprised by the changes that have taken place? Seems like Jane Jetson had it made, and soon you will, too!