Ted Cruz Attorney General

Texas Senator Ted Cruz was Donald Trump’s toughest rival in the republican primaries. Throughout the campaign unpleasant words were exchanged as he attempted to take on the popular New York real estate mogul. In the end Cruz came around and endorsed Trump, even going so far as to campaign for him to rally his conservative base.

Ted Cruz’s final backing of Trump in the general election helped silence the #NeverTrump movement, paving the way for Trump’s eventual victory.

The road to unity was a bumpy one. Cruz soured his chances of a future run at the office of President when he gave a keynote speech during the the republican convention and refused to publicly endorse him from stage. This angered his own Texas delegates, and hurt his reputation with the party.

Cruz eventually saw the path forward and endorsed Donald J. Trump for President. His other opponent, Marco Rubio wisely accepted Trump early on and received national party support that led to his senate relection bid in Florida.

Ted Cruz has three possible options for working in a newly formed Trump administration:

Ted Cruz for Supreme Court Justice

Sen. Cruz is a Harvard law school trained lawyer who worked as the Solicitor General for the state of Texas. He has argued cases before the Supreme Court and is considered a very talented student of the law.

President Elect Trump has signaled throughout his campaign that he wants to appoint conservative judges. His voters gave him a mandate to appoint a judges who will uphold the constitution instead of attempting to rewrite it with shifting progressive ideals.

Sen. Cruz’s conservative credentials are popular amongst the right side of the republican party. He possesses both the knowledge of the law and qualifications to become a Supreme Court Justice if Trump decided he would be a good fit. His appointment would pacify many conservatives who were nervous about Trump administration.

Kellyanne Conway, Trump’s former campaign manager, gave a hint that Cruz may not be on the short list for SCOTUS nominees.

According the the Daily Caller, “You’ve seen the list of 21,” Conway told reporters. “The list has not changed. President-Elect Trump has committed to choosing his Supreme Court justices, particularly the vacancy created by the untimely death of Justice Scalia, he’s committed to choosing from that list of 21.”

The Texas senator’s name was not on the original list of 21 possible appointees since it was drafted shortly after Cruz’s departure from the primary election campaign.

Ted Cruz for Attorney General

Armed with a solid legal background, Cruz has the necessary skills to fill the job of Attorney General. His experience arguing cases and serving in Government makes him a smart pick for this important role. Cruz has a loyal base of supporters who would be satisfied to see Trump choose his former rival to serve as the head of the Justice Department.

Cruz was seen spending time at Trump Tower where the presidential transition team is interviewing possible job candidates for important roles. According to a report in Bloomberg, President Elect Trump is considering Cruz for the job of top cop.

Ted Cruz – Senator from Texas

Some within Cruz’s inner circle are not pleased with the idea of him serving in a Trump administration. His former communications staffer, Amanda Carpenter said this, “A thought: If Trump declared me a mortal enemy in the primary, I probably wouldn’t accept a fireable position from him,”

The campaign negativity may have taken its toll on the Texas conservative. He may choose to simply keep the job he has now and affect change from within the Senate. No matter what happens, republican control of the House, Senate, Supreme Court and the Presidency will make it easier to Make America Great Again.