Policemen work hard to keep your community safe, but they can’t do it alone. There are many different technological practices that police use to keep their communities safe, including artificial intelligence, skip tracing, and automatic license plate recognition.

Artificial Intelligence

Police use artificial intelligence to keep people safe. Thanks to the advancement of the internet, now there is more data than ever being generated, collected, and analyzed. This data can be extremely valuable to law enforcement but getting actionable insights out of such an enormous amount of data is too time-confusing for humans to effectively undertake the task. Artificial intelligence is used by police to crunch this data, support other police technologies, map crime, and more. Artificial intelligence is even used for “predictive policing,” which can predict when and where crimes are likely to occur, allowing policemen to be ready on the scene.

Skip Tracing

Skip tracing describes the process of finding fugitives who have “skipped town” and cannot be located at their usual place of residence or habitual hangouts. Information is gathered about the individual(s), which usually includes researching phone number databases, credit card applications and credit reports, job applications, background checks, loan applications, utility bills, tax information, courthouse records, public records databases, and more. Isolating skip tracing to a single person or skip trace team boosts efficiency and effectiveness of the process.

Without technology, skip tracing would take much longer and require manual checking of records and data. Luckily, skip trace software and tools speed up this process, save money, and make it easier for police to cross-reference records and trace their target.

License Plate Recognition

The same technology that allows toll collectors to automatically scan your license plate and charge you the toll fee is now being used by policemen to keep your community safe. This technology makes it easier and faster for police to take down license plate numbers and check them against law enforcement databases. Policemen can more easily identify stolen cars, catch criminals with active warrants, and monitor Amber Alerts.

Automatic License Plate Recognition cameras can be located in police cruisers, but also at streetlights and intersections. Police can use the information from these cameras to track criminals’ vehicles over time, discover criminals’ whereabouts, and more.

Thanks to technology, police are able to keep your community safer much more easily. With license plate recognition, skip tracing, artificial intelligence, and other technologies, policemen are able to do their job better than ever.

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