Owning a pool comes with many misconceptions about how to maintain it. Unfortunately, these myths, if heeded, can cause damage to your swimming pool. Watch out for these common misunderstandings when it comes to maintaining your own pool.

Vacuuming Is Enough

Simply vacuuming your pool is not enough. You need to regularly brush down the hard-to-reach areas of your pool and the walls in addition to vacuuming your pool in order to keep it clean and well-maintained. Brushing is essential in order to get rid of difficult dirt, debris, and algae which vacuuming may not be able to completely remove. Brushing also helps prevent scale, stains, and etching. Make sure to brush your pool at least once a week, starting at the steps.

You Need to Drain Your Pool

Although draining your pool occasionally is recommended, it should not be your first choice for cleaning your pool’s water, fixing small problems, or preparing for the winter. Removing the water from your pool constantly can cause unexpected problems.

Draining your pool too frequently can cause damage, which defeats the point. Many maintenance jobs can be carried out without needing to get rid of all the water in your pool. Instead of draining your pool during off-seasons, consider lowering the water level and covering your pool. Instead of changing out old water for new, consider recycling the water. These alternatives will be better for both the pool and the environment. If you decide to undertake any maintenance which you believe requires draining your pool, talk to a professional beforehand.

You Can Clean Your Pool With Household Chemicals

Using household products to clean your pool can seem tempting from a point of view focused on thriftiness or convenience. However, using products like bleach, baking soda, or borax can damage your pool—especially if you are guessing on amounts and combinations. Even though using handy chemicals and household products may seem to help your pool’s chemical levels, they will cause you problems in the end and are not worth the short-term benefits.

Resist the urge to cut corners when it comes to pool maintenance—doing so can cause major damage to your pool in the long run. Professional pool chemicals are specifically designed for use in pool systems and should be the only products you use to clean your pool. Make sure you follow the instructions carefully and listen to professionals.

Caring for your pool in improper ways can lead to catastrophic damage. Make sure you are following credible advice and avoiding these common misconceptions when it comes to keeping your pool in good order.

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