There are many costs to be considered when running a business. While many of these costs are necessary, there is still a great deal that can be cut or eliminated. Finding ways to cut your office costs is a great place to start as it saves you money and time.

Buy Bulk Supplies

Purchasing office supplies in bulk is an excellent opportunity to save some money. While it might just seem like a few dollars here and there, the amount of money you save adds up. Not to mention, bulk items will last longer. You’ll have to purchase new items less often. Additionally, you save time and money because you aren’t traveling to stores or waiting around for deliveries. Buying in bulk makes sure you always have what you need and it saves a great deal of money in the long run. You can also look into other ways to save money on office supplies.

Reduce Waste

One of the best ways to save money is to reduce waste. There are lots of ways to reduce waste, but you should always start by evaluating your business. As you review your operations, make sure you are using the most efficient processes. These processes should save time and resources. You may also want to review whether or not time is being managed well in your office. Wasted time often means wasted money. Lastly, make sure you are using quality equipment. For example, if machines are old or poorly maintained, they won’t produce as well. Ensure that everything is regularly updated and well-managed.

Reduce Your Office Space

A lot of money goes into the space you operate from. Often, you have more space than you really need. Consider moving your business to a smaller office. Your rent will be cheaper as well as the cost of utilities. These reductions will have major impacts on the cost of your business. Having smaller monthly costs can also decrease any stress related to making these payments. If you own your office space, selling and buying a smaller space will leave you with more money since the smaller space will be cheaper to purchase.  Another consideration is to lease out extra space you may have. This way, you’re spending less on that space and you’re making money off of it. Moving to a smaller office space can also give some of your employees the opportunity to work remotely. This removes any costs associated with them being in the office and it has even been shown to boost employees’ productivity.

Make Energy Efficient Upgrades

While downsizing your office space can help you save on utilities, there are other steps you can take to save even more. One of these steps is to make your office more energy efficient. To do this, find ways to conserve energy. For example, seal off any areas where heat might be escaping from the building and make sure your office is well insulated. You can also cut your power bill by installing energy efficient home entry doors. Double paned windows are an excellent way to better insulate the building. You should also invest in energy efficient appliances. Making these changes can help you to spend less on energy costs.

Go Paperless

There are many advantages to going paperless beyond saving money. Paper causes clutter and can often lead to a disorganized space. Paper documents can be easily lost and in today’s digital world they aren’t the most efficient mode of doing business.  Not to mention, having paper documents usually means you need a printer. Printers use a lot of costly ink as well as a lot of paper and need to be replaced regularly. Instead of managing all these extra costs, convert all your paperwork to digital copies. Using digital files clears up space in your office and it also makes it easier to share documents with coworkers and clients. Just be sure to establish an organized digital file system for increased efficiency.

Evaluate Your Insurance

Many small businesses are paying more for insurance than they need to. In most plans, there are elements that might not be applicable to your business that you’re paying for anyway. Evaluate your business and determine what policies you actually need coverage for. Of course, it’s always wise to consult with a professional before making any cuts to your plan. You wouldn’t want to be caught uncovered if something unexpected comes up. Make sure you’re covered for everything necessary without paying more than you need to be and look for other ways to lower insurance costs.

Utilize Technology

Technology has brought many advantages into the workplace. One such advantage is automation, which replaces human labor with machine labor. By using automation in your workplace, you can make sure menial tasks are getting done efficiently while freeing up the time and availability of your employees. One example of automation to implement is email marketing. You can draft a basic introductory email that will be automatically sent when a new client signs up. Explore the other benefits of automation in your workplace and find other ways it can be implemented for your business.


Many might be hesitant to outsource, but it can actually have many advantages. Outsourcing can be as simple as hiring freelance workers such as accountants. When you hire a freelance worker, you can depend on the work getting done by an expert, which leads to a higher quality. You also have the added benefit of not needing to hire a full-time staff member, which will obviously save you money. However, the most important benefit of outsourcing is that you can focus more on your priorities. While extra tasks are being handled by someone else, you and your staff can focus on important projects and initiatives.

Take some time to evaluate your business and see where some changes can be made. The best part about all this, is you determine what level of change you wish to make. It can be big or small, short or long term. Decide what is right for your business and move forward from there.

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