If you’ve been through a New Hampshire winter you know how hard it can be on your vehicle. Regardless of which part of the country that you live in, different weather conditions can wreak havoc on your vehicle. Hail, ice, and snow can be very damaging. The heat of the sun can also cause issues. It’s a good idea that you understand how you can protect your vehicle from weather damage during all seasons of the year.

Care for the Exterior

The exterior of your vehicle is typically what will see the most damage from weather issues. It’s important to regularly wash the exterior. Use good quality products that are designed for vehicles. You never want to use a dish soap product that wasn’t meant for vehicles. According to Superior Products, many vehicle soaps contain special wax products that add a layer of protection to your vehicle. Make sure that you’re hand-drying your vehicle with a car-specific towel that won’t cause scratches in the paint finish. Providing a coat of wax about twice a year can also help protect the paint on your vehicle from sun damage.

Store When Not in Use

If you have multiple vehicles, then you probably are storing one of them for the colder winter months. The driveway isn’t a great place to keep a vehicle that’s not in use. A garage or carport is ideal. If you choose a carport, Absolute Steel Texas says there are different styles designed for different environments and what kind of elements you will deal with. There are free-standing carports and those that attach to a building. You can also cover your vehicle with a tarp or car cover.

Check the Forecast

If you have a vehicle that is a classic car or a model that is considered a luxury vehicle, you should check the forecast before taking it out for the day. If you notice that hail or ice is in the forecast, you may want to contemplate using an alternate vehicle. If you don’t have another option, think about where you will be parking that day. A covered parking structure near your office is going to keep your vehicle much safer than a surface lot will.

An automobile is a very big monetary investment. While a vehicle is very practical when it comes to getting you where you need to go, it can be stressful protecting it from snow, inclement conditions, and day-to-day weather if it’s an antique model or valuable. By taking some preventative steps, you can help protect your vehicle from weather damage.

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