In times like today, with money already tight and not knowing what will come next, it’s important to save money wherever, and whenever, you can. Cutting down on your home’s utility bill is one of the best ways to do this. Not only will it help you save money, but it will cut down on future upkeep and additional expenses. Here are a few things that you can do to cut down on your energy bill costs and help the environment.

Take Shorter Showers

Making sure to take shorter showers is one of the best and most effective ways to lower your utility bill. Long, hot showers are great sometimes, but lowering the temperature and spending less time under the water is not only cheaper, but it’s better for your skin and hair, too.

Using cooler water and taking less time, or shutting off the water when not rinsing, are ways to be more eco-friendly to both the environment and your bank account. Switching to an eco-friendlier and more efficient shower head is another way to reduce your energy bills. Shower heads that are designed to help reduce the water output which will in turn cut down on costs.

Use Native Plants

Using plants that are native to the area that you are living in will help you to cut down on water usage. Not only are these plants more accustomed to the climate in your area, but they also are more accustomed to the soil. You don’t need to use fertilizers and you can cut back on your use of pesticides. Native plants are a good way to help the environment, too.

Native plants can help decrease pollution due to them needing less upkeep with equipment like lawnmowers or other powered landscaping tools. They’ll be the perfect addition to your yard, wherever you live and will help you to save money.

Install Efficient Appliances

Switching to appliances that will help you to reduce your energy output is another great way to reduce your utility bill. Energy-efficient refrigerators, dishwashers, clothes washers, dehumidifiers, smart thermostats, air purifiers, and ceiling fans are some of the best options for reducing energy consumption in your home.

Investing in newer appliances that are designed to reduce energy costs are a reliable source. Induction cooktops are the most energy-efficient appliance you can have in your kitchen. They work by transferring electromagnetic energy directly to the pan you’re using where it needs the heat. Not only does it reduce energy, but the time it takes to cook, too.

Change Your Light Bulbs

Changing out your light bulbs in your house to more energy-efficient bulbs will help you save money in the long run, and they’ll last longer. LED lights can cut your home power bill and last much longer than conventional bulbs. The average LED bulb can last up to 50,000 hours, which is about 20-25 times longer than your typical bulb. These LED bulbs can last for 11 years if they’re used for 12 hours a day—much, much longer than your typical bulb. LED bulbs can save you around $100 a month in some cases, which will be a huge help to your bank account.

Wash Clothes in Cold Water

Washing your clothes in cold water is one of the best ways to save money. Not using hot water may not seem like it would help you lower your utility bill, but it adds up. The amount of times you use your washer, and the amount of water your washer uses, definitely adds up, and not having to heat up that water will make a noticeable difference in your monthly bill.

Not only is cold water helpful for lowering your power bill, but it’s also much better for your clothes. Lower temperatures keep the dyes in your clothes better than warmer water and it helps prevent your clothes from shrinking.

Adjust Your Thermostat

Lowering the temperature of our thermostat at night as well as when you leave the house. Lower temperatures are ideal for sleeping, so this will have both health and monetary benefits to you and your family. When you leave the house, especially for things like vacations, lowering the thermostat temperature will help you to keep your energy costs down and reduce excess costs.

Lowering the temperature as much as you can without making your home uncomfortable is one of the best ways to help the environment, as well. Something as simple as lowering the temperature one or two degrees can make a big difference overall.

Switch to Solar

One way to dramatically lower the costs for your utilities each month is to switch to solar power.  It is an investment that you’ll want to research and choose carefully, but it is an amazing option for saving money and helping the environment. Not only does it directly reduce your utility costs, but it can also give you a tax credit. You can receive up to 30% back.

The nice thing about solar is that it doesn’t take weeks, months, or years to see the difference. You start saving money and energy on day one. If you don’t have enough to buy the panels right away, you can lease them from another company. While it may seem intimidating, there are ways to make it work for you and your situation.

Use Smart Power Strips

Smart power strips are another way to save money on your utilities without having to change too much. They can detect when a device that is plugged into it is in standby mode and will cut the power and save energy. These are great for when you have a lot of things that need to be plugged in, but don’t need them all the time. Any electronic device, as long as the max energy is not exceeded, would do well in a smart power strip.

There are many ways to cut down your utility costs each month, but that doesn’t mean you should sacrifice enjoying the things you do. However, making simple changes like smart power strips or changing your light bulbs are easy and fast ways to be more energy-efficient and save money.

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