Driving on the highway requires you to be totally alert and in control of your vehicle. Beginning drivers can feel intimidated in this situation, especially if they’re around semi-trailer trucks. It’s not too hard to stay safe around these vehicles, even with their mammoth size. You just need to make sure that you’re following these safety requirements so that you’re not playing a role in an interstate collision.

Keep Your Distance

Tailgating is always a bad idea, and it’s even worse when you’re driving behind massive trucks. For instance, if the weather is bad, you could end up hitting a truck due to the driver braking suddenly. You could also put yourself at risk by driving in blind spots. Semi trucks have several blind spots that you should avoid driving within. To avoid these, make sure you’re not driving alongside the trucks for extended periods of time. Staying out of a blind spot is easy; make sure that you can see the truck’s mirrors so that you know the truck driver can see you.

Passing Trucks

You don’t have to drive slowly behind a truck when you really need to get somewhere, but you need to make sure thatyou’re passing correctly. You must never pass a truck on the right side because the driver isn’t in a position to properly see what you’re doing. You also shouldn’t move over until you’re positive that there’s enough room between you and the truck driver. Moving over too soon could cause a rear-end collision. Be sure to give yourself as much time to get to your destination as possible. Being in a hurry can cause you to make rash decisions, which can delay you even further due to mishaps.

Avoid Distracted Driving

Distracted driving could just as easily be called deadly driving because you’re putting your life and the lives of other motorists at risk. Avoid texting, talking on the phone or eating while you drive. Your focus should be on nothing but driving. Distracted driving can be especially dangerous when you drive near trucks. A quick check of a text message could lead to a life-threatening crash. Put any distracting items out of sight, and set your phone to silent mode.

Drive Defensively

You can do everything right with your driving and still be at risk due to a sudden, ill-advised movement from a truck driver. You might have the smaller vehicle, but you can still make your presence known, especially if they do something hazardous, like trying to creep into your lane without proper clearance. Lay down your horn when the need to do so appears. You don’t need to be a vengeful driver, but you should be adamantabout maintaining safety for everyone on the road. Truck drivers are entrusted with powerful vehicles, and they must obey the rules of the road.

Common sense should prevail in all driving scenarios, but it’s still good to review ways to stay safe, especially in potentially precarious situations like driving around trucks on the highway. You might realize that you’ve been driving in blind spots or not passing properly. Make up for past mistakes by pledging to be courteous and safe when driving around trucks from now on.

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