A car can be a place you spend a lot of time in, so why not enjoy it? Modifying your car is a great way to make it a much more enjoyable place to be. Especially with so many people gearing up for post-pandemic trips in their cars, and looking forward to driving around (and even maybe spending quality time in a little traffic), it’s time to gear up and find a new mod that will make your car experience better. What modifications can you do for your car, and which would be best for your lifestyle?


You might be surprised to find out that your car’s suspension is not only variable but possible to modify to your preferences. This means you can make it stiffer or softer depending upon your driving style and the terrain you’re accustomed to driving. If your family car was modified to be someplace in the middle, it might not suit your personal needs. Likewise, your shock absorbers might need to be replaced, if everything feels bumpier than it usually would.

New Tires

Besides if your tires are getting a little bald (you’ve probably not checked in a year), there are other options, both for looking sharp and moving beautifully. Of course, you need good tread on your tires for traction. There are great modifications available for sidewall designs, whether your car is generally used off-road or on city streets. Your tires need to be safe as well as look amazing, of course.

Window Tinting

Window tinting looks amazing, while also stopping you from needing to squint as much if you forget your sunglasses! It needs to be replaced every five or so years but is well worth the option if you like this look on your car. It can keep the interior of your car cooler in hot, sunny areas, as well. Tinting your car’s windows gives you more privacy when driving about. Check how much darkness is legal in your state, as tints, and colors of them, vary as widely as sunglasses.

A Backup Camera

Although it might not be necessary on every car, having a backup camera is a very useful device and simple to add to a car. It’s a great safety device for making sure you don’t run over anything important when backing from your driveway, whether that important item is a garbage can, a newspaper, or, most critically, a child. If you live in a city where you often need to park in a small space, parallel park, or park in a parking structure.


If your car didn’t come with Bluetooth, you might not realize that this simple modification. For under a hundred dollars generally, Bluetooth can be installed. Having Bluetooth enables you to not only easily take phone calls in your car, but also to listen to things like podcasts or online radio stations by linking to your phone. It can help make sure you can easily get directions from your GPS app, and be less lost when visiting new areas. There are both universal kits and ones specific to your model vehicle which can be installed at the dealerships. All in all, adding Bluetooth is a great and daily use option.

Vinyl Wraps and Pin Stripes

Now that vinyl wraps are available, your car can be any color you like, any design you like, and as shiny as you prefer! Wraps only last a few years but are beautiful customizations. If you’d rather your car be a metallic orange with pin striping in yellow, that’s possible. If you’d rather have your truck wrapped entirely in holographic vinyl, that’s possible as well. Some custom wraps can even be printed with whatever advertisement or image you’d prefer.

Custom Everything

Once you begin thinking of customizing and color coding, a world of options opens up to you. Do you want a customized grill for your truck? That’s available. Customized vinyl for your interior? Yep, they’ve got that. From door lock covers to custom lighting and foot pedals, the options are nearly endless. One popular and fun item is a customized hood ornament. Now that 3D printing is available, your options for a hood ornament can be limited only by your imagination. Do you want the skull of a unicorn with flames made of glitter? Or a Super Mario plant, or a Tardis? There are files for those as well.  

Go Simple

Or, if you’re like many consumers, you don’t necessarily need fancy modification. You need useful things which can help you on a day-to-day basis. Start with a phone holder that you love. With many magnetic phone holders available for hands-free listening, using GPS, and simply making sure you don’t miss a call, finding the one that suits you is easier than ever. There are those which fit into a dashboard air vent. If that isn’t as easy for you to use with visibility, there are magnetic holders which suction to your windshield to hold your phone higher. They are inexpensive and will make your quality of life in the car improve. Likewise, other simple options are cup holder-sized USB towers, to be able to charge more than one device at once, and simply longer cords that reach the back seat. Your space needs to be able to work for you and make your commute as easy as possible.

Your car is an important part of your life. When you need to spend a great deal of time in it again, you’ll be both relieved, and also remember the frustrating aspects. Every car needs a few things modified to make it individualized to your specific needs. Just as you would move your seat to be the right distance for your legs or your mirrors, other modifications can not only make you safer but make your car look better and more lovely. Choose what suits you, personally, and you will enjoy your drives, whether for work, school, or play, more than ever before.

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