When creating the ideal landscape for your yard, it may be worth using artificial grass. It is generally easier to maintain, can last longer and is less likely to provide the nutrients that pests crave. Here are some other benefits:

More Water for the “Important” Plants

In most cases, the only time that you water an artificial lawn is when you are hosing off pollen or dust. You may also use water on your fake grass after your pet has gone to the bathroom. Therefore, there is no need for a fancy irrigation system or to spend a lot of money to keep your lawn green. The water that you aren’t using on your grass can be allocated to your rose bushes and other expensive plants. It is also a good way to save money and water resources overall.

Reference: Flymo

Less Mowing and More Time for Your Garden

Natural sod requires countless hours of scheduling sprinkler systems, fertilizing the lawn, and manicuring. It also requires that you spend time cutting the grass and bagging the clippings. With artificial turf, there is no need to spend time mowing or putting down fertilizer. Once the turf has been placed on the ground, you generally have nothing to do other than enjoy how nice it looks.

Reference: Celebrity Greens Phoenix

Yard Pests Aren’t Attracted to Fake Grass

Insects have a tendency to eat grass or other organic material that is either dying or already decomposing on the ground. If you have a fake lawn, you don’t have to worry as much about bugs burrowing under the roots or eating actual blades of grass. While dew can still develop on artificial grass, bugs will likely be turned off by the rubber and other materials used to create the grass and the foundation that it sits on. Burrowing animals like moles have no way to exit in your lawn, either.

Although pests may be attracted to your plants, they are less likely to make the journey from a nearby lawn to your garden itself. Since you don’t have to worry about killing the grass, it may be possible to spray it with a pesticide or use other materials to further deter them.

Reference: Preventive Pest Control


The use of artificial grass can be a boon to those who like to garden. Since the grass uses less water and requires less maintenance, you can spend more of your time and resources on what you enjoy the most.