It’s fair to say that most homeowners want their home to look its best, and often spend large amounts of time and energy on interior design. Although aesthetic appeal is important, resilience should also be a top priority as you take care of your home. Here are a few problems that you can avoid with a resilient interior design.

Water Damage

Water damage can be devastating to your home. Not only does the water itself pose a threat to everything inside, but the mold it leaves afterwards can be a danger to your health and safety. You may not be able to make your home completely invincible, but there are some things that you can do to protect your home.

For example, you should regularly inspect your tubs, faucets and showers for leaks. Even a steady drip can cause lots of damage over the years. You should also make sure your bathrooms are properly ventilated with fans so that steam from the shower does not damage the walls or ceiling. It is a good idea to know where your water shut-off valve is, just in case you need to quickly turn off the water in case of emergency. Take care to ensure that your basement walls are properly sealed from moisture. These may seem trivial things in the moment, but even small doses of water over many years can cause catastrophic damage.

Pet Damage

Pets can really tear up your house if you are not careful. One of the areas where pets can do the most damage is your floors. Some floor materials are more suited than others for pet owners. For example, carpet is particularly problematic if you are a pet owner; carpet is incredibly hard to clean in the event of a mess. To protect your home from flooring damage, consider installing hardwood, laminate, or tile flooring wherever possible. This flooring is easily cleaned and maintained, and it cannot be ripped up or destroyed very easily by your pets.

Energy Efficient Appliances and Windows

It is important to have energy efficient windows and appliances in your home in order to save money on your energy bill. The efficiency they offer will allow you flexibility in times of need and a higher standard of living. New appliances are often equipped with technology that can help detect potential problems. This can help prevent further water, smoke, heat and other damage to your home. New energy efficient windows are shatter resistant, which can help keep you safe from human and environmental dangers. An added bonus of energy efficient appliances and windows is that they are newer, so they will likely be more aesthetically appealing than older, less efficient ones.

Invest in your home, your safety, and your future by taking the appropriate steps to keep your home resilient in its interior design. Protect it from water damage, pet damage, and energy loss to ensure that your home can stay beautiful for many years to come.

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