trump inauguration protests

Over 90 protesters were arrested today by Washington DC police during the presidential inauguration events. With over 10,000 police and DHS security professionals, President Trump’s inauguration was a success. Planned disruption by professional protest organizers failed to stop America’s peaceful transition of power.

The partisan effort to diminish President Trump’s victory was led by  67 House Democrats representatives who chose to boycott the inauguration. They chose to ignore the tradition of a peaceful transition of power and turn the historic event into a shameful partisan protest.

While Trump supporters patiently waited out in the cold rainy weather to catch a glimpse of their new president, others set into motion planned violence and destruction. The #DistruptJ20 ‘movement’ spent thousands of dollars organizing, training protesters, and coordinating chaos to share their hatred of the new American president.

Since Trump’s surprise victory against Hillary Clinton in November, movements like Socialist Alternative, Black Lives Matter (BLM) and other liberal billionaire funded operations have plotted against the new republican led government.

Their efforts led to violence, property damage, and multiple arrests over the last few months. Messages of hatred, violence against women, and racism permeated the signs and messages of these organized protesting events.

Democrat Senator Claire McCaskill shamed the protesters in a tweet today:


The protesters blocked freeways and roads, forcing motorist to fear for their safety, unlawfully detaining people from going to their homes.


On Twitter, images of attempted inauguration disruption violence spread across the world as people saw the hatred posed by former Hillary Clinton supporters.



Legal Issues for Protesters

With nearly 100 arrests made so far, the #DisruptJ20 protesters may face some serious criminal charges. Cars were burned and property was destroyed which escalates the charges prosecutors could file against the perpetrators.

Arrested protesters could be charged with simple misdemeanors for unlawful gathering, public disturbance, and criminal trespassing. In the cases where protesters were involved with destruction of property and burning cars, felony charges could be brought against them. This includes criminal mischief. Since multiple people were involved in an organized effort, the charges could escalate into a second degree felony for group enhancement or what is called “gang enhancement”. If anyone attacked a police officer, assault charges could land the protesters with serious jail time.

With everyone posting on social media and surveillance camera monitoring the situation, most of the protesters will face video evidence of their crimes.

Protests Did Not Accomplish Anything

What exactly do these protesters hope to accomplish? With the democratic party left out in the wilderness, they have two choices: fight on to try and de-legitimize the president or work with republicans to pass legislation that will help America prosper. Evidence points to many of these protest groups being funded by liberal donors like George Soros who may want to continue to work against the new administration.

These protesters are the professional soldiers in a war against the right, desperate to gain relevance in a year when they have lost nearly everything.

Update: 7:15 PM – Washington DC Police have arrested over 200 protesters.